Toy Safety Info

Toy Safety

Our pieces are keepsake items which are adored by babies, toddlers, children and even adults. They are assembled similar to clothing since they are made of yarn and cotton filling. We also do not have any plastic in any of our pieces and they are completely handmade.

We follow with CPSC standard as recommended by the regulatory robot. Our Keepsake pieces derive from natural materials ( being 100% organic cotton yarn as well as beech wood for the rattle) with no harsh chemicals. Given this condition it is classified different than a regular toy. Testing does not have to be done for every single toy as long as the same materials are used. Natural derived materials do not require strict testing as they can be found in clothes and everyday items.

To know if testing is necessary for a product we have used the regulatory robot  located on the Website . Using this website it explains all about testing. Toys that have plastic are require to test , including toys that have small “safety eyes” .

We are completely against using plastic in our pieces and do not include them in our pieces. We feel that Knitted Yarn Eyes on our Toys looks better and is less stressful for parents.

Here are some helpful sites with facts regarding toy regulation and crochet / handmade toys .